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Intercom System In The Parking Lot

the parking lot system, as is ubiquitous to see, there always exist tough problems in the communication between the kiosk or the control room and the car owner; what can help a car owner solve the problems happened in the garage? SPON parking intercom system provides the best solutions for this.

  • 1. With the video intercom terminals at the car passage gate to enter and exit and IP video intercom paging console in every kiosk and control room.
  • 2. With single key call function, convenient and fast to talk between the car owner and the administrator if some problems occur and the video (Including NCS-3091V`s video and the third party IP camera (e.g: Axis IP camera M1013)) on site can be shown on IP video intercom paging console screen.
  • 3. With the linkage to the video monitoring system; the video of the third IP camera on site will pops up automatically with pressing the “call” button on NCS-3091V.
  • 4. With the integration of such functions as call queuing, call transferring and call recording.