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IP Video Paging Microphone

Item No.: AVC-8530V
For broadcasting, video intercom and monitoring in the control room



PURPOSE: For broadcasting, video intercom and monitoring in the control room.

  • 1. Compatible with standard SIP protocol, individually accessible to VOIP phone system. (Asterisk, Elastix, Freeswitch, MiniSipServer, Yeastar MyPBX etc.)
  • 2. Supportive of SIP video talking without SIP server
  • 3. With a professional composite shape of paging microphone, carrying a 4.3"LCD screen with 32 plastic buttons.
  • 4. Supportive of partition broadcasting, with a red cue light on automatically when talking
  • 5. With a built-in 3W speaker and a microphone to receive broadcasting、make a full-duplex intercom and monitoring.
  • 6. With a built-in HD digital camera of the H.264, D1/CIF coding format. Supportive of two-way video calling.
  • 7. Supportive of the displaying of the incoming calls and outgoing calls and the voice prompt of the incoming calls.
  • 8. Supportive of audio & video cyclic monitoring to other visual terminals, and contents are stored on the server which can be locally looked through
  • 9. With a built-in digital audio processor,To enhance the effect of noise reduction and improve the voice pick-up distance and audio quality.
  • 10. Supportive of the ring tones and settings of the voice prompts of” call through, call busy and hang up”.
  • 11. To broadcast the pre-recorded emergency voice to the specified terminals and trigger the alarm light which is connected to the terminal flashes
  • 12. With 1 short-circuit input or output for the external linkage.
  • 13. Supportive of noise alarm function, the video from other visual terminal on site will be displayed on the LCD screen of AVC-8530V automatically when receiving notice from IP Intercom server.
  • 14. With AVC8530LV expansion board (maximum cascade of 6) and AVC8530T handset for option.
  • 15. Supportive of SIP server using DNS
  • 16. With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available.