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Item No.:AVC-8522EV(HD)
Dedicated design for alarm assistance in the safe city, safe campus and smart scenic spot etc.



PURPOSE: Dedicated design for alarm assistance in the safe city, safe campus and smart scenic spot etc.

  • 1. All metal housing and with a waterproof ratio of IP 66
  • 2. Available for designing installation pole style by clients for complement with environment
  • 3. With the “one-touch call" function(by pre-setting up the target on the server), available for a full-duplex intercom
  • 4. With a built-in 10W speaker and a microphone; available for making hands-free calls and receiving the broadcast
  • 5. With a strobe light on top of NAC-17 which is controlled flashing from control center
  • 6. With a built-in 50W digital amplifier module; available for connecting with the external column loudspeaker or horn speaker (8 ohm)
  • 7. With a built-in quasi-HD ultra-wide-angle camera of the H. 264 coding format to realize video intercom
  • 8. Comply with standard ONVIF interface protocol, available for directly connecting to the mainstream NVR and other storage devices to realize audio and video recording synchronously for traceability
  • 9. Compatible with standard SIP protocol, independently accessible to VOIP phone system. (Asterisk, Elastix, Freeswitch, MiniSipServer, Yeastar MyPBX etc. mainstream IP-PBX)
  • 10. With the function of initiating and receiving a call without IP intercom server
  • 11. With Sound alarm function, the server will be alerted automatically when the ambient sound level exceeds a defined range continually
  • 12. With tamper alarm function ,the server will be alerted when the terminal is removed from the bottom shell
  • 13. With 2 alarm inputs for connecting external emergency buttons
  • 14. With a controlled power supply output of DC12V/500mA to directly drive strobe light.;with a switching signal output for controlling other devices.
  • 15. With a monitoring port for connecting external sound pick-up
  • 16. With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available