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Leader in IP based Technology

AVC ( Audio Video Connect) is a international high-tech enterprises which has innovative research & development capabilities. AVC have large experience in IP video and audio products also industry application, Research & development, our products are widely used in education, Industrial, public security, Factory/Plant, military, Hospitality for two way communication System.

We research on IP audio technology and development for more than 10 years. our professional research and development ability leads to success for years. We are proving ourselves by providing 24x7 services with tech support to clients across the world. We promise our clients to complete projects & Service within time.

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best experience ever
  • Digital audio technology control each terminal to play different contents
  • Free on demand, two-way conversation between terminals
  • Infinite extensibility
  • Operate across a gateway of LAN and Internet
  • Centralized control broadcast from the main campus to branch campus
  • Operates at bandwidth only 0.1 Mbps
  • Best tone quality
  • Rapid & Reliable communication

Digital Audio Technology

Project Cases

Tiananmen Square, China
Hospital in NASR
Office Building in Singapore
Standard Chartered Bank
Residential area in Turkey
University in Korea
Prison in Tbilisi
Hotel in Moscow
Factory in Maurisious

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