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Intercom System In The Factory/Plant

Intercom System In The Factory/Plant in india

The environment in such factories as the steel industry, it`s always mixed with loud noise, heavy dust, high and low temperature, chemical elements of acid and alkali, etc, all of which pose a great challenge on quality and stability of its communication. However, all of these problems will be solved with the professional assistance from AVC Connect factory intercom system in india.

  • 1. All terminals are qualified with anti-explosion, waterproof and great capacities to resisting the heat, acid and alkali.
  • 2. Every audio terminal is equipped with a numerical keyboard, being able to make a random call; if the working site is submerged in loud noise, an external speaker or a horn speaker (60w) can be connected.
  • 3. With single key call function for video terminal, convenient and fast to talk between the electrical room and site if some problems occur and the video (Including AVC-8522AV`s video and the third party IP camera(e.g. Axis IP camera M1013)) on site can be shown on the IP video intercom paging console screen.
  • 4. All the base stations are wirelessly integrated, making it easy to combine with a walkie-talkie.
  • 5. The function of the IP PA system can be expanded to broadcast the background music or the notice