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Common Problem

The different between SPON IP digital public broadcasting network and traditional broadcasting system?

High quality: full digital high-fidelity sound quality, adopted the CD quality data file formats, and computer output exactly the same.
Personalization: Based on IP data network, each voice terminal are free to choose any road shows to play and playback process is adjustable, the full realization of point to point the personalized program.
Network: teachers courseware production and arrangement, the speech of the leader, program playing are available through the network for remote operation.
Remote: can realize remote broadcast, different city, different countries, as long as through the network, it can be broadcast.

What kind of project can be used digital IP public broadcasting network?

The school ( especially in the campus network of the school), highway toll station, supermarket chains, large enterprises, building, traffic intersection ( Safety City Project ), every village and all network connectivity place.

Digital IP network broadcasting system used in the practical characteristics of Expressway?

Background music: music, policy learning, leadership.
speechesBriefing: daily activities, major activities of note, have important team by
Emergency interposed:emergency intercept peccancy, release special vehicles, command of the scene order.
Emergency paging: toll booths in emergencies, to the control center or near the toll station one-button emergency call, to get help.

The digital IP broadcasting network supported audio formats which to have? Occupied bandwidth has a number?

The digital IP broadcasting network supported audio formats : MP2, MP3, AAC, MP2 and AAC for China National Digital Broadcasting ( DAB ) standard specified audio format
Occupied bandwidth compared: MP2:256K MP3:64 K - 128K - 512K.

Digital IP network broadcasting system using " double main control system " what are the advantages of it?

1: continuous 365 days 24 hours running, stable and reliable
2: using the embedded LINUX system platform, fast starting speed, high work efficiency, is dedicated to the network broadcast tailored host
3: independent of platform with WINDOWS PC main control machine, the realization of the system of radio control. Even if the computer failure, does not affect the normal broadcast radio, dual system = double insurance
4: shielding of all of the currently known computer virus intrusion, transmitting data by network virus effect
5: providing a plurality of channel coding, accessible in the main control room access multiple simulation program source.

How to quickly distinguish digital IP network broadcast and digital network broadcasting products?

Digital IP broadcasting network using network transmission mode, namely can and other types of computer network compatible share the same transmission channel, do not need to change the existing network equipment, no special broadcast cable laying. Quasi digital network broadcasting using special broadcasting line, and even use special radio switch, not and existing computer network compatibility.

How to treat the " network instability phenomenon", and " network instability " and broadcast to the network effects?

Network by the network equipment and computer network, people generally network equipment instability and networked computer unsteady unified called network instability, in fact, in practical application, the network equipment fault caused by network problem occurrence probability is very low, because now the market mainstream network equipment are world class name plant design and production, has been widely used in telecommunications, military, electric power and other high standard requirements of the industry, whether it is design or processing technology is not the general domestic radio producers can be compared.

Can say, the vast majority of network instability phenomenon is caused by networked computers, such as computer viruses, hacker, computer hardware, software fault fault line, therefore, the computer network factors, is actually quite stable! Find the network unstable nature, we assess " network instability " and broadcast to the network effects : due to a network of radio terminals are embedded products, it is not affected by network virus, hacker's influence.

The only weak point is that -- system of main control computer ( of course the main control computer the stability problem is not digital IP network radio only ), this can strengthen the management to solve, such as : prohibit the use of a machine, the installation of firewall and so on, but still can not fundamentally solve the problem, the most thorough way is using a PC architecture embedded digital radio host, this set of digital IP network broadcasting system is completely avoided the computer virus, the hacker 's influence, stability has been unprecedented guarantee! So " network instability " of using embedded special broadcast host IP digital network broadcasting system may impact very little!