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IP SIP Video Doorphone Intercom System

Item No.: AVC-8533V
For two-way video touch screen LCD keybaord communication in the indoor and outdoor application.



PURPOSE: For two-way video communication in the indoor and outdoor usage.

  • 1. Compatible with standard SIP protocol, independently accessible to VOIP phone system. (Asterisk, Elastix, Freeswitch, MiniSipServer, Yeastar MyPBX etc.)
  • 2. Stable and durable with a high-end aluminum panel and a waterproof ratio of IP54.
  • 3. With a 7 Inch touch screen, resolution 800*480, and can be used under sunlight.
  • 4. Full-duplex intercom (with the function of echo cancellation) and three kinds of call modes on touch screen for options.
    • a.One-touch call, the name of the call key is configured in the webpage
    • b.Multi-key call, 10 shortcuts call per page (40 in total) and the name of each key is configured in webpage
    • c.Keypad call, enter the number on numeric keypad to call
  • 5. With an independent physical call button and an indication of button name on LCD on its right side.
  • 6. With a built-in 3W speaker and a microphone, available for hands-free calls and receiving the broadcast.
  • 7. To broadcast to the areas permitted.
  • 8. With a built-in digital camera of the H. 264, D1/CIF coding format. available for the two-way video intercom.
  • 9. With a built-in digital audio processor, To enhance the effect of noise reduction and improve the voice pick-up distance and audio quality.
  • 10. With an alarm output to control the door lock or alarm light; with an alarm input to connect the emergency button.
  • 11. Support sound alarm, the server will alert automatically when the environment volume exceeds a preset range continually
  • 12. Support tamper alarm, the server will alert automatically when someone opens it during its normal working state.
  • 13. Support video talking without IP intercom server(Initiating and receiving)
  • 14. With a standard RJ45 interface supportive of crossing network segment and router, accessible to the system if the Ethernet is available.